Graphic facilitation/recording

Graphic facilitation

... not to confuse with graphic recording*

A shared picture supports group learning, states Geoff Ball in his article "Graphic Facilitation Focuses A Group's Thoughts" in the April 1998 issue of Consensus, a newspaper published jointly by the Consensus Building Institute and the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program.

Graphic facilitation is a dance - not a fancy PowerPoint show

"Death by PowerPoint" is a well known joke among those who attend a lot of presentations. The whole idea behind graphic facilitation is to liven up complex presentations by providing live performance, movement and focus. The spectators are kept awake by watching a process take place instead of just having to listen and watch "canned" slides.

Graphic facilitation...

  • Focusses group discussions at conferences and seminars
  • Visualises multiple perspectives
  • Simplifies complexity
  • Emphasizes a structure for thinking
  • Provides memory markers
  • Sums up conclusions in easy to remember graphics


Graphic facilitation for Green Growth Seminar at danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

RECOMMENDATION from Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

"Per is an extremely creative persons, a good listener and a very accurate illustrator with a great sense of humor which is reflected in his work. In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark we used Per to make graphic facilitation of a two day workshop on Climate Change. The illustrations coming from Pers hand were actively used in communicating discussions and to prompt reflections of the workshop participants. I would at any time recommend Per for such kind of event, and would use him again when an opportunity arrises."

Lars Mikkel Johannesen, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Graphic facilitation for municipal conference about co-creation

* Graphic recording

Summing up what goes on in the seminar in real time. Not as an interaction with the spectators, but as support and large scale note tool. The graphic recorder supports and partners the facilitator.

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