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Animations are great for explaining difficult topics or lighten up - let's just say it out loud - boring presentations. And it's almost a must for internet presentations, where the audience attention span is down to mere seconds. An animation doesn't have to be of Disney like proportions to be used for explainer videos. Usually it boils down to speed drawing, advanced PowerPoint or simple white board animation.

A collection of PER's explainer videos HERE ON VIMEO

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Info video at the dentist...

In the waiting room there is plenty of opportunity to supply patients and clients with useful information. Info screens on the wall are perfect for this, but... you have to keep it short and to the point to catch peoples attention. This is one of three short videos that we made rather than try to cram different kinds of information into one video.

More explainer/info videos here

When speed is important...

.. you can still use animations and graphics - anything to liven up an important presentation. I've done videos in a couple of days from first phone brief to final cut. A little primitive - but it gets the job done :-)

RECOMMENDATION from Gribskov Community

"Gribskov Community has used Per Diemer for animations included in an informational video about coast protection presented at a hearing in The Danish Parliament.

Per Diemer was our sparring partner about process, and was capable of delivering a solution we were very happy about within a very short time frame. Per was very easy to work with, very professional, and we recommend him highly."

Rasmus Lindboe, Head of Communications, Gribskov Community

When things get complicated...

.. explainer videos containing simple animation and graphics can be of great help. This video was created for Holbæk Municipality to explain a rather complicated model for dialogue among all parts of the community, from citizens to politicians to employees and volunteers.

More explainer/info videos here

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