Art of PER - Illustrations for business and private

Graphic design, illustration,

animation and art

Since 1990 illustrations and graphic design has been my trade of choice through my own bureau, Diemer Kommunikation.

I offer two things: Craftsmanship and experience.


Poster Design - click here for more info

Science and tech illustration - click here for more info

Animation and speed drawing 

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Word design and templates 

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  • Templates from company design manual
  • Reports and presentations made over
  • Tips and tricks to survive Word

Graphic facilitation at conferences and seminars - click here for more info


A selection of creative works for sale at ArtPal online gallery

Poster art - PERs 3 views of Anna
Poster art - PERs Dancer no 1
Poster art - PERs LOVE posters - male and female

Looking at Anna

PER's Dancer no. 1

PER's LOVE posters

A little challenge to myself to keep in shape - not for children ;-) 

365 daily Postit nudes

Lillemarksvej 9, 4180 Sorø, DK

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